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The trail runs begin for the Mini-Z Kyosho Masters

Escrito por Alex Rubio el 13 Marzo 2010  

All of our drivers are ready:

Alejandro Lopez (Stardard and Expert)
Carlos Lambás (Expert)
Noe Miralta (Group C and Expert)
David Moret (Group C and Expert)
Uri Valdé (Group C and Expert)  

Ismael Rojo (Standard and  Expert)

Last Saturday morning some drivers were able to train; something really necessary given that the RCP Tracks are set up on the smooth face and both the set up as well as the grip is completely different from what the drivers are used to.   

The first problem was the fact that the rear tire was the one that operated. We have tried various compounds, from the studded Kyosho MT10, the PN Racing RR06, Parada, CRR06 and the grip still hasn´t been achieved.
The tires that seem to perform the best, but nevertheless without excellent results, are the 20g MZW 38-20 by Kyosho.  

Alejandro Lopez decided to set up the Mini-Z 4×4 and it appears that the combination of 20g Kyosho rear tires y 20g RC Atomic ones, the car gives good results.

Now the pre-qualifiers are taking place and the timing system has been causing  a few problems. Due to the use of the Kyosho  ICTAG on the track the height of the chassis has had to be altered drastically. 

The placement of the plastic underlay in order for the Itag to be used has also led to the cars having to be raised so that the underside doesn´t touch the ground. We have observed that with this 30 lap counter system, whether it be due to the software or the hardware, 2 or 3 laps have to be added manually. 

We hope that these time keeping problems can be solved as soon as possible. On another note, the how things have been set up in the hall is really good.
Lots of tables, lots of space, many stalls selling different items; a bar, show case of modified 1:1 cars, as well as a few 1:5 scale car exhibitions.

At the moment, Ismael Rojo is the one who is runing the fastest speeds with an 18’2 time , which is incredible if you consider how long and large the track is that they have assembled.  

The Gallery of images from the article commence the qualifying rounds of the Mini-Z Kyosho Masters