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The Perfect Mini-Z Transmitter

When facing the wide offer of transmitters available  on the market, as enthusiasts  it can get pretty difficult when it comes down to choosing the right transmitter to use with our mini-zs. Below we have included a list of a few possibilities:

Helios Ex10 de KO Propo transmitter
EX 1 – UR de KO Propo transmitter.
Stock model Perfex KT-18 transmitter.
Sanwa M11 o M8 transmitter
Futaba 3pk transmitter.

All of these transmitters can be use on our  2,4 Ghz Mini-Z ASF although we have to take into consideration that  in order for these transmitters to operate correctly, we must incorporate the most adequate  module  and, in many instances,  some sort of  adapter. 


Futaba 3PK:

From our point of view, the  Futaba 3PK  is a good choice  especially  if , in addition to the Mini-Z,  we want to control a wide variety of radio control cars.  Given that it doesn´t have a specific  module for use on the Mini-Z 2,4 ASF, we´ll find ourselves having to deal with  the handicap of  having  to use a module adapter  and assemble  the module  that Ko Propo manufactures for its transmitters.  We recommend the use of  the adapter manufactured by  R246,given that the model is a perfect fit. One of the advantages of this transmitter  with respect to other models is the option that it can be used by left –handed people;  controlling the steering wheel with the  left hand.

The 3Pk is one of the top level transmitters that have  been used lately for the Mini-Z,  the 27AM above all. Now with the module adapter and the KO propo module for the 2.4 ASF,  it can also be used with this new technology on the new MR03 and/or with the Dnano. By using the frequency module from another manufacturer, the  transmitter-receiver  data  transmission speed will be as usual.  

 Sanwa M11 transmitter:

This high level transmitter manufactured by SANWA, also comes with the possibility of being used by left handed drivers. As with the Futaba, a R246 adaptor will be needed in order to assemble the Mini-Z ASF module. The Sanwa M11 as with its predecessor, the famous M8, have been widely used to drive Mini-Z´s at 27AM. With respect to those Mini-Z that have a 2.4ghz ASF system, the Sanwa require very precise settings for elements such as the brake level , dual rate; both of which need to be adjusted to a high level of precision. The transmitter has an average response speed.

PERFEX KT-18 transmitter:

This is, without a doubt, the most interesting option of all. This transmitter is easy to handle  and easily adjustable; allowing us to control our 2,4 Mini-Z ASF to perfection.  By way of a combination of buttons, dual rate, semin-exponentials, fun mode (ideal  for companies that rent out Mini-Z´s or Dnano´s). Unlike the other models described, the cost of this model is an added advantage, unlike the other transmitters described.   


Helios EX10 transmitter:

A futuristic looking transmitter, with a software that makes it very competitive. As with the Futaba and the Sanwa, this high caliber transmitter doesn´t require an adapter given that it functions directly with the ASF module and emits a frequency that´s about ten times faster than the other transmitters available on the market. As you are well aware, the receiver board is manufactured by KO Propo and this undoubtedly  facilitates a perfect communication between transmitter and Mini-Z electronics. On a more negative tone it´s worth mentioning that this transmitter has been on the market for quite a few years and soon will be substituted by the Ko Propo Eurus.  










The KO Propo EX- 1 UR,  the perfect transmitter.

This is the most modern model of all the transmitters currently available  for the Mini-Z.

This transmitter comes with an updated software housed in the casing of an old KO Propo, giving it a rather retro look.  As with its big brother, the Helios,  it doesn´t require any type of adapter for use on the Mini-Z ASF. There is a model available that comes without servo or receiver; but rather  a module for the Mini-Z ASF.
The advantage of the modular transmitters is their flexibility. They can be used on all of our radio control cars, given that with a simple change of module, we can work with 24AM, 40FM, Spectrum 2.4, Mini-ASF or even ADband to name a few.  In addition, these transmitters come with various digital memory capacities where you can store the set-ups for whatever cars you may have.

As far as the KO Propo trasmitters are concerned, we have available additional software that can be installed on your PC, with which you can customize an infinity of set-ups with the convenience of working from the monitor of your PC. However, the program  comes only  in English and Japanese and thus for those who don´t speak either of these languages, it may be  somewhat of a drawback.

We must bring to your attention the fact that, even though the KO Propo transmitters aren´t  suited for reverse use (by left-handers), they do however have a system which allows for easier handling of the steering wheel. Such capacity provides improved ergonomics and thus improving your driving posture. KO Propo also comes complete with a range of accessories for customizing the transmitters;  from adhesive tape to rubber grips of different colours and thicknesses.  

For all of these reasons our recommendation is clear: If you want to get started with a Mini-Z, the stock transmitter, the KT 18 PERFEX  will be a good starting point. To go a little further,  if you end-up getting hooked to this hobby, any transmitter manufactured by KO Propo will allow you to get the most out of your Mini-Z.