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Technical Racing Products distributor of tires for Spain

dboots has become a well known Brand in the world of tires for radio controlled cars. dboots offers a wide range of tires for electric 1:10 scale  TT cars. Its most famous compounds are those which are utilized on surfaces such as lawns, carpets or astro turf. You can find the full range of dboots tires at the web site where, retail stores and individual buyers alike can find the necessary information for making the best selection of tire for your all terrain and short course vehicles.


neumáticos dboots


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New TRP Scale silicon oils

TRP Scale has recently put on sale a new range of silicon oils of varying viscosity. They come in 60ml containers and have viscositities of between 200-400 cSt. The product is manufactured 100% in the Spanish market and is a welcomed addition to the RC (Radio Control) category of the TRPScale family.


TRPscale silicone oilTRPscale Silicone Oil

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TRPscale V3 (V3L1) Slot GroupZ



miniz slot groupz trpscale

TRP has started comercializing its new version of the GroupZ chassis for Slot cars on its Level 1. 
This new version features some considerable improvements on its chassis such as the use of noble materials ( e.g. Carbon SSG) that incorporates aluminium in its interior. It is also mechanized with numerical precision control of its motor mount and a spectacular anodized aluminium look.

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TRPscale Slot GrupoZ – more novelties


Slot GrupoZ TRPScale escala 1:28

We have´been informed that these photos don´t show exactly how the new version of the latest GroupZ V3 chassis will be sold on the market. However what we can do is give you a sneak preview on some of the new features that the new chassis will incorporate. Based on the information that we have received so far, the chassis will be on sale in regular stores almost immediately, and as far as we know a few optional and racing parts will be added so that your GroupZ Slot cars could be even more versatile and competitive. 

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TRPscale New spacers for aluminium differentials

A 4 piece kit is provided for mounting the wheel opposite the differential crown on our Mini-Z´s. This could be a very useful option if you use a differential of the Kyosho series which includes a plastic part that provides enough tolerance. By replacing this plastic part for an aluminium one the play of the wheel will disappear and the car will show greater stability. 

Along with the  spacers set, an M3 allen screw set will also be supplied to allow for the excellent mounting of the differencial axle.

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New front tire option for Foam RCP-Tracks


For some time now on the RCP Foam Tracks, the  kyosho 20 rear tire with tread pattern or the 6º PN Racing pattern. To date, the front tires available with the best results have been those by Atomic with 30º and 40º  hardness with groove patterns, and the PN Racing  RSF20 and RSF15. 

A tire that from now on we believe will give a lot to talk about is the front Kyosho 30º tire that  provides a  bit more spin than the 30º PN Racing  RSF15 and the Atomic 30º. Also, for certain types of track outline these can help us cut down our lap times.

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Gyroscope for the Mini-Z MR03 and TRPScale dNaNo

This version created by TRP scale is totally compatible with the version that Kyosho has on the market, along with the large difference of its final price that makes it difficult for this chassis accessory to get popular.
The function of the gyroscope in the dnano and MR03 is to offer maximum stability to the car by equiping it with automatic steering and throttle correction in case of skidding of the rear assembly. 
We find this very useful when the surface that we race on doesn´t have much grip (e.g. parquet, stone, or polished cement)

Nevertheless, it´s an option that is widely used in competitions given that it provides greater stability for the vehicle. We consider that with the dNaNo and MR03 it is ideal for use  at home.

Its operation and components are 100% equal to those of Kyosho. 

You can check out the new gyroscopo for Mini-z in our on-line store.

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New second hand material service!

Would you like to sell RC material that you no longer use? Are you hoping to buy RC or slot items ar a good price? Have you been trying to get a hold of hard-to-find parts or equipment sets?

With the objective of facilitating the contact between users that wish to sell a product, and enthusiasts who are looking for second hand items, Technical Racing Products has launched a new service on its web site. It concerns a platform that groups together the offer of second hand RC and slot parts with the needs of those enthusiasts looking for such items at affordable prices.  

At this new space on our web page; intuitive and user friendly, you can find everything from complete equipment sets, cars, ships, airplanes, helicopters, motorcylces etc., to the small components or parts of such vehicles. The ads with photos and information on each piece, are viewed by the community of users that visit the TRP website daily. In the same way  those enthusiasts of the world of radio control are able to access the site simply to look for random items. 
Thanks to the way in which the web page is set up, users are able to apply filters to the search engine to access the desired items faster and easier. Of the filters available you can select, among other things, the brand, model, and even the nationality of the vendor in question. In addition, it must also be pointed out that are a series of benefits available to those TRP customers upon posting their announcements. 
To consult this web space, you need to visit the TRP web page,, and click on the relevant tab.

As you will observe, we have provided a free extra credit to all of our store customers for you to proceed in the sale of your used items.