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Suspension T-plates for the Mini-Z MR03 by QteQ

Suspension T-plates for the Mini-Z MR03 by QteQ                                                            

We recently received the latest novelty for the Mini-Z MR03. This time QteQ has suprised us with a their new rear suspension T-plate for the MiniZ MR03 ; not recommended for use by heart patients! At a quick glance you will see that there are an infinite number of  initial settings that can be adjusted. 
This T-plate by QteQ comes in two different versions; one for the 102mm MiniZ  and another for the 98mm Mini-Z . Aside from these two important differences, this manufacturer has provided 5 different colours that can be combined and applied to our Mini-Z (something that we have grown accustomed to). 

It is evident that this is no conventional T-plate ni that  the part requires much more precise settings plus it must be tested out on the track in order to achieve the desired «feel».  By modifying the multiple settings that the part offers we can produce very different responses from the T-plate that will affect the lateral torsion of the rear of your chassis as well as the lowering of the rear asembly.  

In order to better understand the different settings,  it is important that you download the  instruction manual  that we have cut-and-pasted together so that you can at least get somewhat orientated as to how to adjust this new suspension T-plate. 

Here you can download the manual of the 4BTB suspension T-platep by QTEQ.

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