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Technical Racing Products distributor of tires for Spain

dboots has become a well known Brand in the world of tires for radio controlled cars. dboots offers a wide range of tires for electric 1:10 scale  TT cars. Its most famous compounds are those which are utilized on surfaces such as lawns, carpets or astro turf. You can find the full range of dboots tires at the web site where, retail stores and individual buyers alike can find the necessary information for making the best selection of tire for your all terrain and short course vehicles.


neumáticos dboots


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Satellite differential for PN Racing MiniZ with pinion set.


For some time now, Uri Valdé had been saying that a good pinion differential runs much faster than an adjustable bearing differential – which makes sense, bacause there is no power loss, given that the ball bearings do not glide along the plates when accelerating;  plus the traction is direct. Uri kept insisting and insisting until PN, the team that he forms a part of, finally decided to manufacture a few prototypes…. and the results we re immediately favourable.

 After almost two years, this is the end result of the original idea of making a quality differential by way of pinion and crowns in order to prevent power loss in acceleration.

In TRP we had the priviledge of testing out first hand this new concept of differential with interchangeable crown and we were quite impressed; especially because of its power output, that, coupled with good grip will turn the MiniZ into a rocket.

The launching of this differential as well as the new adjustable motor mount should any day now.  We will keep you informed.

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TRPscale V3 (V3L1) Slot GroupZ



miniz slot groupz trpscale

TRP has started comercializing its new version of the GroupZ chassis for Slot cars on its Level 1. 
This new version features some considerable improvements on its chassis such as the use of noble materials ( e.g. Carbon SSG) that incorporates aluminium in its interior. It is also mechanized with numerical precision control of its motor mount and a spectacular anodized aluminium look.

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TRPscale Slot GrupoZ – more novelties


Slot GrupoZ TRPScale escala 1:28

We have´been informed that these photos don´t show exactly how the new version of the latest GroupZ V3 chassis will be sold on the market. However what we can do is give you a sneak preview on some of the new features that the new chassis will incorporate. Based on the information that we have received so far, the chassis will be on sale in regular stores almost immediately, and as far as we know a few optional and racing parts will be added so that your GroupZ Slot cars could be even more versatile and competitive. 

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Tools for the MiniZ by PN Racing

PN Racing has launched a set of 4 tools designed for radio control vehicles. Judging by their size, we can assure that they will function perfectly on the  Slot 1:24,  Slot 1:28  and  Slot 1:32 as with our own Mini-Z cars.

The tool grips are the same for the four existing models, with exchangeable heads with adjustable length via a screw in the grip. 

The heads that currently available are: Allen key-0.9,  Allen key-1.5, Philips, nut key – 4.5  ideal for the aluminium anti lock nuts of the mini-z.

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New second hand material service!

Would you like to sell RC material that you no longer use? Are you hoping to buy RC or slot items ar a good price? Have you been trying to get a hold of hard-to-find parts or equipment sets?

With the objective of facilitating the contact between users that wish to sell a product, and enthusiasts who are looking for second hand items, Technical Racing Products has launched a new service on its web site. It concerns a platform that groups together the offer of second hand RC and slot parts with the needs of those enthusiasts looking for such items at affordable prices.  

At this new space on our web page; intuitive and user friendly, you can find everything from complete equipment sets, cars, ships, airplanes, helicopters, motorcylces etc., to the small components or parts of such vehicles. The ads with photos and information on each piece, are viewed by the community of users that visit the TRP website daily. In the same way  those enthusiasts of the world of radio control are able to access the site simply to look for random items. 
Thanks to the way in which the web page is set up, users are able to apply filters to the search engine to access the desired items faster and easier. Of the filters available you can select, among other things, the brand, model, and even the nationality of the vendor in question. In addition, it must also be pointed out that are a series of benefits available to those TRP customers upon posting their announcements. 
To consult this web space, you need to visit the TRP web page,, and click on the relevant tab.

As you will observe, we have provided a free extra credit to all of our store customers for you to proceed in the sale of your used items. 

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PN Racing Triple suspension for the Mini-Z MR02 and Mini-Z MR03

As some of you were already able to see over a year ago at the Terrassa endurance race, the PN racing team assembled a prototype that the present commercial version of the triple arm suspension is based on. 
As you can see in the image, it is kit version, meaning that you will require disc suspension in order to complete the assembly as with the motor mount that is specified in the description.

As you can imagine, this suspension comes in two types; one is 94mm and the other, 98mm according to the configuration of your mini-z.

Rear triple threat arm suspension system.  (TDS)
It is a conversion kit. 

This suspension is valid only with the reference of Pn Racing MR2288 V3 98mm LCG or the  PN Racing MR2289 motor mount  V4 98mm LCG .
Or the MR2295 motor mount in the case of wanting to use the triple arm 94mm version. 

Technical characteristics:
Includes  2 lateral suspesnsions.
Includes 1 upper suspension plate. 
Includes 1 lower suspension plate.
Includes 2 M2x4 button screw sets.
Includes 4 Countersink M2x8 units.

The following is needed for installation: 
MR2295 PN Racing Mini-Z V3 LCG motor mount
MR2161 PN Racing Mini-Z centre dual-shocks
MR2162 PN Racing Mini-Z centre springs for the adjustment.

Use grease on the body of the shocks to improve the suspension action.

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Chronicles of the Grupo-Z PN Slot race in Egara Slot (Terrassa)

Greetings to you all,

Recently the Group Z PN Slot 1:28 was held and I would like to leave with you a few graphical documents depicting it.

Starting grid of the first leg

the starting grid of the second leg,

and here you have the final result:

the prizes handed out during the race, courtesy of TRP and Egara Slot.

the winners podium photo, each one of the winners receiving a complementary laser motor courtesy of TRP

in this photo there´s an «infiltrator», given that Ignasi had to leave as soon as he finished the race so they collected the prize in his name.

In the trophy decoration a clear winner was selected as well as a highly disputed second place. The winner was

its owner, being awarded the D. Enjalbert car body courtesy of TRP

the second place, with a difference of only one point -the quality oath of «ferry»- was for 

and the photo of its owner, receiving also a car body, courtesty of Egara slot, 

in conclusion, I leave you with the photos of the rest of the race participants. 

lastly, a car that in the end wasn´t able to participate in the race, but nevertheless will be in the championship to be held in 2010…

Many thanks to all of you who participated, we´ll see you at the next race!!

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Ismael Rojo joins the PN Racing Team

The North American spare parts manufacturer, PN Racing, has just made public their latest signing for their Mini-Z competitions. This time, the driver that will form part of the official PN racing team, together with Uri Valdé, is Ismael Rojo. «Isma», a mere 20 years old, is a driver with a background in classes such as the 1/10 touring gas and the 1/8 track.  
For the last 4 years Ismael has been competing with the Mini-Z in regional races (the Galicia zone) as well as on a national and international scale.

He is currently a member of the Zetiña club of Vigo, the city in which he resides. 

His sound record in these competions, his conduct both on and off the track and his high level of driving skills has not gone unnoticed by this large manufacturer. His outstanding result at the World Fair of the PN Racing World Cup 2009, held in badalona, was really what ignited things and led to his signing that had already been in the making for some time. 

Isma, in PN Racing will have the responsibility of testing out new parts for their evaluation and development and also of representing the brand in all of the competitions in which it competes.

The best of wishes to him and his new team.