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PN Slot launches its new GrupoZ models

grupoz-news.jpgPN Slot presents us with thier new GrupoZ model. As we can observe from the photos, this new version incorporates some details that, without a doubt offer a greater quality to the product.          

                                            This new model houses the following novelties: 

New Rims made of aluminium, with 3mm screws. 
New «L»s  for side fastening, with two height positions and 3 width positions. 
– the car braids come detached but in very good condition.
– The screws come numbered so as to avoid thier misplacement. 
– New and more dynamic showcase.
 – This new model will be available towards the end of August in Spain and elsewhere in the world.

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TRP Technical Racing Products – Sponsor of the DIM Team – Dimitri Enjalbert

As you can see in the attached images, Technical Racing Products has been collaborating closely with the team of Dimitri Enjalbert,driving his new 2009 Renault Megane Trophy.  Its a real pleasure to announce this partnership as well as the appearance of such a competitive car which has been winning many of the races in the field worldwide. Way to go Dimitri!




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New Shakotan Boogie Car Body

We now have in stock the new car body for Mini-Z of the Shakotan Boogie series. We´re talking about the peculiar Z10 Toyota Soarer that is driven by one of the characters of this Japanese cartoon series in which the main characters; two brothers, each drive a Nissan Skyline with the body completely lowered.

So to all fans of Japanese comics, Manga, Anime series, car body collectors, wierdos and fans of Mini-Z and all its wackiness, don´t let this item escape you!

The car body originally comes made for use on the MR01 and MR015 chases in 94mm and RM motor position. Obviously, Drift car lovers can mount it onto your AWD MA01 using optional rims (offset +1 wide rear, and offeset +1.1 front narrow.)

The width of the front track is around 70mm. Therefore if we wish to mount it onto a MR02 chassis, we recommend you to use Offset 0.5 front rims.

Lastly, we would like to highlight the special rim design for this car body. It is of lenticular form and silver colour, together with ball type round rubber tires (just like those used in the cartoon series!). You can access our store by clicking here.

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Photon Chassis, News

We have received word from the manufacturer that soon we´ll have the new TOP (Photon) Chassis. It is expected to be launched on the market  worldwide towards the end of May.

Its worth mentioning that the production of the chassis is going according to planned and there haven´t been any incidents during this process.

An additional point  brought to our attention is that the TOP photon chassis will be going for a price similar to that of the previous one, although in this plastic version the plastic used to make the different components will be of a much greater quality than its predecessor. The aim of the manufacturer is to be able to offer the customer a quality product at a reduced price,  just as has been done up until now.

It is for the reason that in the light of this chassis being a good option for competitions, we have created a PRE-ORDER space where you can hold items and therefore be the first to get your car as soon as its launched.

To do a PRE-ORDER, send an email with your personal information and telephone number to: This email address is protected against spam robots and requires an activated javascript to view it.