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New MiniZ and GrupoZ Car Body Decorations

Starting today the new car body decorations for the Kyosho MiniZ, Aston Martin and McLaren as with the MiniZ AWD 4×4 and the Nissan GT-R which hadn´t been available up till now.
The McLaren and Aston Martin model are for 98mm frames, meaning that they are genuine MM´s.
We have been pleasantly surprised by the quality and authentic replication of these car bodies. Personally the replica of the McLaren F1 long tail version is spectacular and works well on the new PnSlot GrupoZ frames. On the contrary, the Aston Martin car body will require one or two slight modifications to the side “L” clips so that they could be set at the desired height.

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New Shocks for the HPI Baja 5B

In this 3 minute video we want to bring to the attention of all HPI Baja 54B owners, the existence of these fabulous shock sets for improving the performance of the HPI Baja 54B.

The shocks have been manufactered by GPM, including a new interior and much more solid and robust design which will make the performance of your baja 5B much more stable and durable. Please don´t miss the video of the new rims, also for  the HPI Baja 5B.  Here you can see their exclusive design as well as the tremendous result they have achieved as a result of being able to combine two materials as nylon and aluminium.

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New adapter for MiniZ slot rim axles

PN Slot has launched on the market a new adapter for Grupo Z slot cars. These cars use a 3mm axle system with being screwed at the tips, something that had made it impossible to set up a wide range of miniz rims on these cars. An adapter functions in a very simple and effective way by converting any MiniZ rim into slot rims adaptable to typical 3mm axles.

The advantage of this system is that we can change the width of our car simply by changing the rim and incorporating the rim offset that best suits our needs whether it may be in positive or negative format.

The adapter has been made using high quality aluminium and anodized in orange colour and it´s screw for fastening it to the axle is 3mm.
For your information, there are numerous brands and rim models for the MiniZ that you could no doubt adapt to your Group Z or Rally Slot 1:24 cars.

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New Pinions for the MiniZ MR02

We have launched some new motor pinions on the market  with the hopes of finding some simple solutions for the everyday problems that these small parts can cause.

We have launched Delrin pinions with a new shape in the pinion teeth, a step closer to zero friction with the crown,  these 7T, 8T, 9T y 10T pinions have a reduced tolerance with the motor axle and pinion, thus making it difficult to come loose unless the material is heated and dilates.  

Here´s a video in which David will explain these as well as other details about the pinions.

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The Air Brush Revolution

The days of compressed air cans for air brushing at home have come to an end!! We can now assure you that shortly we will have available quite a number of air brushing products that I´m sure will be to the delight of all those enthusiasts who like personalizing their Mini-Z car bodies as well as  many other items.  
Technical Colours will be selling everything from paint guns to Z size compressors (i.e. micro compressors)!!! As you can see, this wide range of products will include different painting gun models. Guns designed for touch-ups, with 0,3mm needles, with different size containers as well as different adjustment options (ideal for the size of our Mini-Z´s). Also there will be 0,5 mm diffusers as well as larger sized guns for painting backgrounds and foundation colours with a single stroke…

All professional materials are manufactered by one of the best and most prestigious global brands, dedicated exclusively to the world of air brushing.

Without a doubt, at  Technical Colours we will have at our disposal, all of the spare parts necessary for these painting guns (needles, heads, connectors etc..).

In addition to air brush guns, for those painting and personal design enthusiasts, you can also get containers for air brush cleaning, dismountable painting chambers with extractor and rotating floor expecially designed for painting scale models, adapters and rapid connectors /disconnectors as well as outer wire mesh tubes. However,  the star element of this new gammet of products will undoubtedly be  the micro processor. This is an indispensable tool for all enthusiasts who paint at night and therefore cannot make a lot of noise. Small, silent and autonomous (it can even be batterry operated) are just  some of its characteristics.

Stay on the look out for the latest news. We´ll have more of it right here very shortly.

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New MiniZ Kit by Kyosho Cup ARR Edition

Kyosho surprises us once again with a complete chassis, modified to the max and ready for competing.
This new Kyosho item includes: 
* Black colour chassis with gold endings and black top. 
* MZW01; Mini-Z bearing set.
* MZW203: Steel stub axles MR-02.
* MZW206: Ball differential MR02 (red)
* MZW301:  Xspeed motor MiniZ V.
* MZW13R: MiniZ wheel nuts MiniZ (red)
* MZW205: Rear carbon plate MR02-MM
* MZW220: Friction shock absorber MR02 MM
* MZW37-30 : Diamond radial tire. 

Will be available in April.