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RC Atomic Launches a new MiniZ ready set


It is right about now that Atomic is due to launch on the market its new MiniZ car called the AMZ. It will be the 4×4 model with integral grip as well as a few interesting novelties that will most certainly be a delight to MiniZ fans and competitors alike.


David explains the most dazzling and relevant novelties in this video!



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All the novelties that Kyosho has presented at the Tokyo fair

Kyosho has presented a series of very interesting novelties, many of them related to the world of the Mini-Z.

We have been pleasantly surprised to see that Kyosho has launched a new and more affordable Mini-Z MR03 model; ideal for newcomers to this craft.

You can check out more details on the TRP website.


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Technical Racing Products distributor of tires for Spain

dboots has become a well known Brand in the world of tires for radio controlled cars. dboots offers a wide range of tires for electric 1:10 scale  TT cars. Its most famous compounds are those which are utilized on surfaces such as lawns, carpets or astro turf. You can find the full range of dboots tires at the web site where, retail stores and individual buyers alike can find the necessary information for making the best selection of tire for your all terrain and short course vehicles.


neumáticos dboots


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New TRP Scale silicon oils

TRP Scale has recently put on sale a new range of silicon oils of varying viscosity. They come in 60ml containers and have viscositities of between 200-400 cSt. The product is manufactured 100% in the Spanish market and is a welcomed addition to the RC (Radio Control) category of the TRPScale family.


TRPscale silicone oilTRPscale Silicone Oil

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MiniZ Buggy track in Mataró

The RCZ Club, located in Mataró (Barcelona) has been working on a new track designed for racing the new Kyosho MiniZ Buggy. For those of you who have had a chance to take a look at the photos published in the chat room, the track is well on its way.  As far as I know, and please correct me  if I´m mistaken, this  will be the first RC racing club to feature this type of track with a design fit for racing this type of car. The «Presi» of the Mataró club, was already one of the precursors to the MiniZ Overland track, so we believe that this new initiative will turn out to be one of the most enjoyable for Buggy owners.

Shortly we hope to be able to provide you with the dates of the first races. 

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KO PROPO EX-1 KIY para MiniZ


This week TRP will have in stock the new KIY de Kopropo and, contrary to the first version which included a sterering wheel, left-handed grip and central unit, the new TRP version allows for the transmitter to be sold in separate parts.   This will potentially make it much more affordable thanks to the fact you won´t be obligated to buy duplicates of the same component.  For example, a left-handed person can now purchase the left-handed grip, the central MiniZ central unit and the steering wheel extension separately. This way there would be no need to discard all three components (the right-handed grip, FHSS receptor and the standard transmitter steering wheel) for the sake of one.

In no time at all these items will be available to you.

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Atomic launches new MiniZ motor

RC atomic has launched a new motor on the market for your MiniZ.
This motor is designed for stock MiniZ ASF  motors (i.e. the 2.4Ghz without turbo or Multifet sytems).
It consits of 38 wire coils, which inclines us to think that it´s at the cutting edge of electronics technology. Its rotor is balanced and the encasement comes with neodymium magnets, producing a velocity of 20% more than the Atomic Stock  V. 

The manufacturer recommends a ratio of 1:55.5 or greater. 

The motor develops from 36,000 to 38,000 RPM.

The use of FETS or internal turbo will evidently augment the motor´s performance.