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TRPscale V3 (V3L1) Slot GroupZ



miniz slot groupz trpscale

TRP has started comercializing its new version of the GroupZ chassis for Slot cars on its Level 1. 
This new version features some considerable improvements on its chassis such as the use of noble materials ( e.g. Carbon SSG) that incorporates aluminium in its interior. It is also mechanized with numerical precision control of its motor mount and a spectacular anodized aluminium look.

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TRPscale Slot GrupoZ – more novelties


Slot GrupoZ TRPScale escala 1:28

We have´been informed that these photos don´t show exactly how the new version of the latest GroupZ V3 chassis will be sold on the market. However what we can do is give you a sneak preview on some of the new features that the new chassis will incorporate. Based on the information that we have received so far, the chassis will be on sale in regular stores almost immediately, and as far as we know a few optional and racing parts will be added so that your GroupZ Slot cars could be even more versatile and competitive. 

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New Chassis for the PN Slot GrupoZ


 With the moderators´permission and with the license granted to me by TRP to publish this notice, we would like to inform you that PN Slot, starting this year, 2012, will be commercialized via the Spanish manufacturer and distributor TRP (Technical Racing Products). TRP will launch on the market a new version of the well know PNSlot chassis with notable improvements and developments. This is due to the fact that TRP has gone on to become the sole proprietor of the PN Slot company, previously based in California (USA).
The product was studied to determine the feasibility of it being produced entirely in Spain. This way the benefits of the production of this class of product can be shared among Spanish companies (something very much appreciated!).  
This chassis will be available for world wide distribution approximately 15 days. or at least, as soon as the patents on their design have been confirmed.  
At the moment  the bare version of the chassis (traction elements such as the motor, rims, axles etc will not be included) will be distributed. LAter on this year hower, a semi-complete complete version including the car body, will be launched.
We hope that this notice will be well received by all enthusiasts of this category and also that, in the near future, we will be able to continue holding races as competitive as those which we have held to date.
We will soon be posting some images of this new model, how it is taking form and also a few technical improvements that it incorporates.  
In any regard, I would like to let you know in advance that the philosophy of the chassis has not changed, and that it is still a chassis that strives toward the same Plug and Play concept in order to make this category a user friendly one; one without the need for excessive adjustments in order to function correctly, whether on wood or plastic tracks.
Kind regards.
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PN Slot launches its new GrupoZ models

grupoz-news.jpgPN Slot presents us with thier new GrupoZ model. As we can observe from the photos, this new version incorporates some details that, without a doubt offer a greater quality to the product.          

                                            This new model houses the following novelties: 

New Rims made of aluminium, with 3mm screws. 
New «L»s  for side fastening, with two height positions and 3 width positions. 
– the car braids come detached but in very good condition.
– The screws come numbered so as to avoid thier misplacement. 
– New and more dynamic showcase.
 – This new model will be available towards the end of August in Spain and elsewhere in the world.

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New MiniZ and GrupoZ Car Body Decorations

Starting today the new car body decorations for the Kyosho MiniZ, Aston Martin and McLaren as with the MiniZ AWD 4×4 and the Nissan GT-R which hadn´t been available up till now.
The McLaren and Aston Martin model are for 98mm frames, meaning that they are genuine MM´s.
We have been pleasantly surprised by the quality and authentic replication of these car bodies. Personally the replica of the McLaren F1 long tail version is spectacular and works well on the new PnSlot GrupoZ frames. On the contrary, the Aston Martin car body will require one or two slight modifications to the side “L” clips so that they could be set at the desired height.