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Kyosho Mini-Z Drift

The drift is currently one of the most popular disciplines of auto modelling and in this article we´ll give you a bit of insight into how to set up your drift 4×4 mini-z awd. The parts that we will explain have been tested out by our official drivers such as David Moret,  Uri Vadé and others; which is what gives us an added guarantee of performance and reliability. If this is the sort of style  that you´re into and if you really like controlled skidding then this set-ups article is for you.

Car choice is important given that of all the mini-z cars the Mini-Z MA is the only one that comes equipt with integrated traction on all four wheels. There are several possibilities but the most recommended is by the chassis and car body set. Even though the car bodies supplied may not be what you´re looking for you can always select the chassis and car bodies separately.

It´s important to know that the only car bodies that are valid for this mini-z model are the 90mm and 94mm ones as indicated by the symbols and icons on our web page.

The next step is to incorporate a motor that can be mounted without manipulating  the electronics and overheating the motor, given that with this model the motor is housed within the chassis and is poorly cooled. Therefore a good choice would be a stock AWD motor or even a stock ATOMIC motor.


By clicking on these links you can access the technical specifications of these motors.

You can then make these compatible with the rear wheel assembly incorporating a 2 degree aluminium rod so as to converge the rear wheels.

Another vital part are the drift tires. These are tires that are made of a very hard, non-flexible material. They are made of PVC which means that the car won´t have any grip on the ground surface and will allow the car to skid more easily. There are two references with regard to the type of rim to use; either wide or narrow. The wide rim tends to have a base width of 11mm whilst the narrow is 8,5mm. Drift cars normally use the narrow rim, but without a doubt, the wide rim gives a greater showiness to the car.



You always have the option of using nice-looking wheels, but if you change them, be sure that they have a 20mm exterior diameter because if this isn´t the case, the drift tires would´t fit onto the rim.