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Results of the Mini-Z Pn Racing Regional World Cup Regional in Mataró

The winner, Uri Valdé with a one lap lead over Marc who shared the lap with David Moret. 

It was a highly disputed final, at a high level and with one common denominator; a Carroceria TRPscale which  everyone agrees to be a racing car body that will allow you to achieve the fastest race times.

Photo gallery taken from the article about on tResults of the Mini-Z Racing Wolrd Cuphe Galería de imágenes del artículo Resultados de la Mini-Z PN Racing Regional World Cup en Mataró.

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The trpscale Renault Megane car body will be accepted in the ATM World Cup

As some of you are already well aware, this car body, in combination with the MR02 MM 94 mm chassis  has been producing some very good results. For this reason ATOMIC has decided to incorporate this car body, along with the Kyosho bodies, in this championship.  

TRP Technical Racing Products, will be present at the super final in November as one of the sponsors of the race and will be participating in it via a stand in the parc fermé of the final.

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Latest Results of the Pn Racing World Cup

Last weekend we recieved the latest updates of the results of the PN Racing World Cup 2009.     Its pretty evident that the United States are quite strong with Chad Nelson being the provisional leader with 62 laps, closely followed by Mike Haynes who completed a fast lap of 8.982 sec.

There are still some important races to take place in Spainand we feel strongly that our Spanish drivers can put an end to this domination ofthe competition.                                                                                                                         
Of the next races, one will be held in Germany, organized by the CRC RC micro club and by the Albacete club.

You can see race calendar of the PN Racing World Cup 2009.
On another token, if you wish you can consult the latest results at where you can find the general results as well as the results of each  category.

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Renault Megane Trophy crosses the ocean

actionpic-renaults_side.jpgWe have been informed by one of our collaborators from the USA where they show us that the class and modality of the Renault Megane Trophy was adapted to give American tastes. The  ActionRCspeedway club located on Sataten Island in New York is  creating competitions that have had an all round success.      It is surprising how a car body that is hardly known in  the united states can pull such a large crowd. We are aware for the moment that the body designs are for the most part done my hand but this by no means takes away from the spectacular nature of the events held.  
 At TRP we believe that this type of initiative can give rise to,  in a not too distant future, new expectations for world competitions; enhancing the image of Europe in countries that, up until now, didn´t even know what a Renault Megane was.

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New MiniZ event organised by Auto -Z

On July 3-5, the Auto Z club of Barbera del Vallés will be holding a “Macro MiniZ»-RC fiesta at the Masía of the Parc Central del Valles.


Some of the activities scheduled to take place are:

          Speed and endurance races of various categories

          Truck, helicopter and airplane shows

          Local participation

          On site trials of RC cars

          Food and beverage service




Friday June 3rd

          Open door and training sessions in the afternoon


Saturday July 4th


          1st Dnano Valles Speed race

          1st Megane challenge at the city festival


–      500 lap race at the Parc Central 


 Sunday July 5th


–  Babera city Trophy

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A few small changes to the PNRWC 2009 regulations

The regulations for the PNRWC 2009 have been updated. You can consult the new version of the regulations at    Of the new features included we would like to highlight the admission of the TRP Scale car bodies to the championship, given that  the TRPScale will be one of the sponsers of the race this year.
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PN Racing World Cup Alsace

This weekend we´ll be holding the first race in France of the  PN Racing World Cup 2009.  The city of Alsace will be hosting the event thanks to the collaboration of the local club and city hall. We would like to remind you that the incsriptions are still open for all those who wish to participate in this race. You can register by entering the website:

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Timetables and Accommodation at the MiniZ Endurance Series


15:00 – Open track. Beginning of open training session. Only one car per team, one driver per team. Authorised car bodies and chasses only. 18:00 – Beginning of groups of timed training sessions20:00 – End of groups of timed training sessions.21:00 – Welcome dinner

08:00 – Team pick-up from hotel

09:00 – Presentation of participating teams.10:00 – Driver’s meeting.10:30 – Open track, warm-up training sessions11:00 – Start of the Mini-Z Endurance Series 

23:00 – End of race and prize-giving. Return to the hotel.



09:00 – Pick-up from hotel. Surprise visit relating to endurance races.
15:00 – End of visit, return to hotel.


LOCATION OF THE RACE As we explained previously, the two previous editions of the Mini-Z endurance series were held inside commercial centres. In addition to finding an unbeatable location and first class equipment for performing our hobby, we were able to bring the Mini-Z to a numerous group of spectators congregated in the commercial centre.  Therefore, in this next edition, the chosen location will be one of the main attractions of the race. The race will be held at the Parc Vallés, a recreational centre located in Terrassa; some 20km from the city of Barcelona.  Could you just imagine what the weekend will be like at the Parc Vallés? An exclusively recreational centre, full of restaurants, game rooms, discos and cinemas and free parking? I can tell you in advance that this race will be held in front of a large audience! Thanks to the close collaboration with the Parc Vallés, the participants of the race will benefit from interesting sales and discounts not to mention a wide offer of cuisine.  
Avenida Téxtil S/N  –  08223 Terrassa (Bcn)


The base hotel where all teams will meet, is very close to the recreational complex and thus all trips between the hotel and the track will not require the use of transport vehicles. 
There will be a reduced rate at the Hotel Terrassa Park *** for all participating teams, which is one of the facilities that the race organisers will offer the members of each team.  HOTEL TERRASSA PARK
Avenida Santa Eulalia, 236  –  08223 Terrassa (Bcn)