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New LRP Items, LiPo-LiFePo-NiCd Charger


The 2nd generation of the popular Quadra chargers.

– Its predecessor, the Quadra Pro, world champion cn Lamberto Collari in the 1/8 category in 2009.

– Wide range of functions, easy to use and more straight forward menu structure.

NiMh – LiPo – LiFePo – NiCd Charge:

– Automatic cycle mode (uncharge-charge-uncharge), for the best conditioning of your batteries.

– Adjustable uncharging 0.1 a 1.0A current , with automatic uncharge volt switch-off.


NiMh – LiPo – LiFePo – NiCd uncharge:

* Integrated balancer:

* Double current entry (220v – 12V):

between 100-210V (AC) and 11-15V (DC).

With built-in transformer. Allows for battery charging

Intuitive menu structure. Allows for the easy setting of all parameters.

* Users memory profiles:

save in memory.

3 preestablished stock profiles that can be modified and

* Totally adjustable:

(NiMh-NiCd-LiPo-LiFePo / Charging current / Float charge / Corriente de descarga / Uncharge voltaje switch-off/ Delta Peak).

Included cables:

Includes all entry cables (AC + DC), output cables and connectors.

*Multi purpose:

High versitility for all types of battery regardless if the use is for electrical models.

NiMh – LiPo – LiFePo – NiCd cycle:

* Adjustable charge from 0.1 to 5.0 A:

– 1-14 NiMh/NiCd elemente with Delta Peak ajustable.

– 1-5 LiPo/LiFePo with automatic switch-off.

– “Autostart” timer and partial charge mode for your convenience and long life of the charger elements.