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White BMW M3 GTR now available

This is the R246 version of the Mini-Z  body that replicates the BMW M3 E46. This version of the replica is that of the white GTR model that includes quite a large competition type wing. 

As far as the mold is concerned it is the same one that Kyosho used some years ago and the R246 is a real bombshell for carrying out new decorations.
Just as is indicated on the product package, this car body is valid for the Mini-Z MR02 MM and the Mini-Z MR03 Wide MM

This car body forms part of a total collection of 7 BMW M3 car bodies that will be described below:

* BMW M3 GTR ALMS 2001 No. 6
* BMW M3 GTR ALMS 2001 No.10
* BMW M3 GTR ALMS 2001 No.42
* BMW M3 GTR 24h Daytona 2004 No.21
* BMW M3 GTR Nurburgring 2003 No. 43
* BMW M3 GTR Nurburgring 2005 No. 1
* BMW M3 GTR White Body

Version that we have at hand don´t include the rims needed for our chassis; which means that we will have to buy a set of rims that come with the model. 

We recommend the use of wide 11mm rims with a +0mm offset and a narrow 8,5mm front assembly with an offset  of +0mm. 

The body is well made even though the decoration isn´t as impeccable as what we are used to seeing with Kyosho´s decorations. 
The detail of the side exhaust pipes using stickers and the non elimination of the rear exhaust pipes gives a certain lack of realism.

On a more subjective note the wing seems a bit over sized and over done. However, what does seem like a good idea is that of recovering the former Kyosho body that in its day worked out very well but didn´t have any competition decorations available for it.