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Renault Megane Trophy crosses the ocean

actionpic-renaults_side.jpgWe have been informed by one of our collaborators from the USA where they show us that the class and modality of the Renault Megane Trophy was adapted to give American tastes. The  ActionRCspeedway club located on Sataten Island in New York is  creating competitions that have had an all round success.      It is surprising how a car body that is hardly known in  the united states can pull such a large crowd. We are aware for the moment that the body designs are for the most part done my hand but this by no means takes away from the spectacular nature of the events held.  
 At TRP we believe that this type of initiative can give rise to,  in a not too distant future, new expectations for world competitions; enhancing the image of Europe in countries that, up until now, didn´t even know what a Renault Megane was.