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Rc Callosa Sports Academy


As for those who are a bit undecided, this is a good initiative given that it will help you to decide whether or not this hobby is for you. 

The sphere of influence is more on a county level, given that we are located between MURCIA AND ALICANTE, and especially in small towns of the Vega Bajá.
This is what was posted on all of the forums associated with the field, with the purpose creating more awareness: 

As we do every year and thanks to our sponsors and sporting and cultural advisors, we have places available for all those who wish to take part in a hobby that is both affordable and fun, plus now you have the chance to enjoy it free of charge until the end of the year. 
You will be loaned cars with transmitter batteries, ready to be broken in, set up, dismantled, for tune up configurations and above all, ready for racing.
Stock cars and cars for competing, all managed with the fullest care of the club members so that you can enjoy this hobby, which is the smallest scale in radio control cars.

Once you´ve had a test drive and you´ve gotten the hang of them you´ll be able to dominate any radio control scale.  
For those coming from other scales, you´ll have fewer difficulties with getting adapted to this one and you´ll be pleased to see improvements in your driving skills, for with the smaller scales you need even more agile hands.

Should anyone already have a MINIZ, under the guidance of the track officials,you´ll be welcome to break in your cars on the circuit at no additional cost.

From Murcia we are very close to the academy; taking the exit on 79 callosa de segura at about 20mins from Murcia capital and we´re about 30 mins from Alicante.

for more information please email us at or phone us at  609256056 EDUARDO or visit our webiste at