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Photo Gallery of the PN Racing Word Cup 2009

For the first time since its creation, the PN Racing 2009 world cup final has been held in Spain.

Previously, the most important race on the world stage as far as the MiniZ is concerned, had been held in North American Cities such as New York, Los Angeles, las Vegas etc. and on one occaision, in Portugal.


This particular edition beat the record of number of registrations. Official drivers from different nationalities fighting for the world champion title; trade marks, manufacturers and sponsers alike were all heavily involved in the event. 

Large dimensions RCP Track;  spacious pit zone for working; prizes; Pn Racing girls; winner´s trophies etc. These are only a few of the ingredients that helped to create the big Mini-Z  world championship «fiesta» . 
Below you can see some of the images captured throughout the week.  
Photo gallery of the PN Racing Word Cup 2009