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Photo gallery and results of the Atomic International Race 2009 in HK.

8 countries participated in this event; with the best drivers and was held at the facilities of the commercial centre of Hong Kong Central Park.

The participating drivers came from China, France, Spain, USA, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and, of course, Hong Kong. The 50 participating drivers were in top form throughout the the competition.

The results:

Modify class – A Main


TQ: Chan Tin Lap (Hong Kong)
1st : Chung Wai Kit (Hong Kong)
2nd : Huang Hao Li (Taiwan)
3rd : Tsai Chen Chang (Taiwan)

Kyosho class – A Main
TQ: Joel Leung (Hong Kong)
1st : Joel Leung (Hong Kong)
2nd : Ken (Hong Kong)
3rd : Noe Miralta Bordas (Spain)


A few videos:


Photo gallery of the Atomic International Race 2009 results.

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