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Now available the limited edition of of the Mini-Z F1

As you can see, at our on-line store we now have available the new Mini-Z F1 chassis with ASF 2,4 Ghz electronics. Limited 1000 unit edition.

Optional components:
Motor Mini-Z Xspeed V
High grip MFT01 -30F front tires and MFT01 -20R rear tires.
High quality Kyosho Mini-Z F1 ball bearings.
Adjustable ball differential by Kyosho for the Mini-Z F1 anodized red color.
Black black colour, competition type chassis.
Battery terminals with gold finish for better contact.
ASF 2,4 Ghz electronics.
Motor cooler in special red Mini-Z F1 aluminium color.

To operate it needs:
ASF 2,4 Ghz transmitter
AAA recargable batteries, 4 units.
Car body