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New Atomic Advance VMII M-Chassis


We have gotten word from Atomic that very soon, around mid June, their new 1:10 scale chassis will be available for sale. They inform us that this chassis has been developed over the course of two long years by professional drivers connected with the radio control car world in order to provide it with an unbeatable race performance.

Strong Points:
Special front and rear upper deck design.                                                           Purpose built for housing 6.0 T Brushless motors
Its mass is concentrated in the lowest point of the chassis, thus providing the car with a low center of gravity.                                                                               Design for 5-6  Sub and Lipo Pack cells.

210mm base
285mm length
165mm width
500g weight
1200g Ready to Run
1.70 Default ratio
Technical Information:
4 wheel traction with cogged belts                                                                                       5 or 6 cells, cut with numeric control 2,5 mm width
Ultra light front spool and rear differential.                                                                Adjustable front and rear downstops                                                                               5 position adjustable ackerman                                                                               Adjustable rear and front arms at +/- 0,75mm                                            Adjustable rear and front camber link 
4º front Camber (0º, 2º and 6º optional)
Adjustable Toe-in                                                                                                             Wheel included, hardened                                                                                                     Ball bearings included