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Mini-Z Renault Megane TRPscale in Mataró

Using the PN Racing World Cup 2009 circuit, the heads of the Nippon Old Track held their penultimate race of the Miniz Renault Megane Cup.

From what we could see, the times were pretty good considering the fact that the track had been set up outdoors and that the dusty conditions on the circuit were not the most suitable. 

On Sunday the club decided to vacuum the track in order to provide better grip for those participating and also to open the possibilities for breaking records of the current world ranking of the Pn Racing World Cup.

Here you have a group of photos to see!

Take care and throttle up!


The results of the Mini-Z Renault Megane Trophy. (race at 7mins) 

Marc Moix : 39 Laps
David Moret : 39 Laps
Noe Miralta : 38 Laps
Xavi Fernandez : 38 Laps
Jose Javier Cruella: 37 Laps
Pau Calvo: 37 Laps
Uri Valdé: 37 Laps

The fastest lap was at the hands of Jose Javier Cruella clocking in at 9.912, a time which approaches those that USA drivers are reaching on the same track . 


Photo Gallery from the article on the Mini-Z Renault Megane TRP Scale in Mataró


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