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Ismael Rojo joins the PN Racing Team

The North American spare parts manufacturer, PN Racing, has just made public their latest signing for their Mini-Z competitions. This time, the driver that will form part of the official PN racing team, together with Uri Valdé, is Ismael Rojo. «Isma», a mere 20 years old, is a driver with a background in classes such as the 1/10 touring gas and the 1/8 track.  
For the last 4 years Ismael has been competing with the Mini-Z in regional races (the Galicia zone) as well as on a national and international scale.

He is currently a member of the Zetiña club of Vigo, the city in which he resides. 

His sound record in these competions, his conduct both on and off the track and his high level of driving skills has not gone unnoticed by this large manufacturer. His outstanding result at the World Fair of the PN Racing World Cup 2009, held in badalona, was really what ignited things and led to his signing that had already been in the making for some time. 

Isma, in PN Racing will have the responsibility of testing out new parts for their evaluation and development and also of representing the brand in all of the competitions in which it competes.

The best of wishes to him and his new team.