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Gyroscope for the Mini-Z MR03 and TRPScale dNaNo

This version created by TRP scale is totally compatible with the version that Kyosho has on the market, along with the large difference of its final price that makes it difficult for this chassis accessory to get popular.
The function of the gyroscope in the dnano and MR03 is to offer maximum stability to the car by equiping it with automatic steering and throttle correction in case of skidding of the rear assembly. 
We find this very useful when the surface that we race on doesn´t have much grip (e.g. parquet, stone, or polished cement)

Nevertheless, it´s an option that is widely used in competitions given that it provides greater stability for the vehicle. We consider that with the dNaNo and MR03 it is ideal for use  at home.

Its operation and components are 100% equal to those of Kyosho. 

You can check out the new gyroscopo for Mini-z in our on-line store.