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PN Racing World Cup 2012 at MadridZ

With 66 names registered two categories and fearless drivers, the Italian organizers put together one of the greatest of the MiniZ events circuit. Well known drivers and also novices went shoulder to shoulder last Friday, knowing very well that an amazing week was at hand! At one o´clock in the afternoon Stock motors were handed out where there were more than 47 individuals registered, of those who took part in the qulifying legs. It must be noted that some drivers had a bit of a hard time with setting up their cars due to the high amount of grip of the Madrid track. This was primarily due to the use of rubber tires as opposed to silicone ones, which really increased the traction of the circuit,  finally allowing drivers to clock times comparable to those recorded on tracks in other countries such as the United States.

We´ll fill you in shortly on the race results.

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Send us your Club Calendar of Competitions


If you are a race organizer, whatever the scale or category may be, TRP has created a user friendly form designed for you to easily send the calendars and events of your club. This will enable you to offer maximum publicity for your competitions, reaching as many participants as possible.

Once your race or event has been posted on the TRP website you´ll have access to all the inscription management tools; you´ll be able to easily confirm your conscriptions, copy and post the inscription form on other websites, reaching thousands of clients every week via the emails that TRP sends to all of its customers.

Why use this system?
1- Competition calenders published on a website with a high number of visitors daily. 
2- Advertising of your racing competition via email, one week before the actual event.
3- Free inscription module.
4- Management and races and participants.
5- The possibility of exporting the inscription module to your own website or forum.

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Uri Valdé is proclaimed 2011 World Champion

The TRP Scale pilot, using rp747 batteries and the Mosler MT900 body was recently proclaimed world champion for 2011 in the mini-z GT-Modified categories.  These batteries were perhaps the most widely used  in the championship, coupled with the fact that 90% of the car bodies used were the Mosler MT900 model.

From TRP we once agian would like to congradulate the world champion for this highly deserved victory and would lke also like to wish him the best of luck as he defends his title in 2012. 

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PN Racing World Cup Regional 2011 – MadridZ

PN Racing World Cup Regional 2011 – MadridZ

Organizer: Club MiniZ MadridZ (649818648)

Competition Date: From 14 May  2011 to 15 May 2011

Inscription Date: From 30 March to 2011 to 11 Mayo 2011

See regulations

C/ Puerto de Urquiola N# 12 Legans, Madrid ·

Spain (peninsula)




Escoge el tipo de frecuencia / Choose the type of frequency

Escoge las modalidades en las que quieres participar /
Choose classes which you want to participate

EnviarVer condiciones


Inscribed in this competition
  Name Team Category
1 Juan Manuel Fernandez Rodriguez
Madrid · Espa�a (pen�nsula)
MadriZ MiniZ 2WD Stock, MiniZ GT Modified
2 Oscar (tango)
Madrid · Espa�a (pen�nsula)
MadriZ MiniZ 2WD Stock, MiniZ GT Modified
3 Lamb�s Diaz
Madrid · Espa�a (pen�nsula)
MadriZ MiniZ 2WD Stock, MiniZ GT Modified
4 Jes�s M. Broce�o Caminero
Madrid · Espa�a (pen�nsula)
MadriZ MiniZ 2WD Stock, MiniZ GT Modified
5 Rafael Ortiz Casado
Madrid · Espa�a (pen�nsula)
Madriz Racing Team MiniZ 2WD Stock, MiniZ GT Modified
6 Luis Enrique Carrasco Cuevas
Madrid · Espa�a (pen�nsula)
MadriZ MiniZ 2WD Stock, MiniZ GT Modified
7 Francisco Pe�a Fernandez
Leganes, Madrid · Espa�a (pen�nsula)
MadriZ MiniZ 2WD Stock, MiniZ GT Modified
8 Carlos L�pez Mu�oz
Madrid · Espa�a (pen�nsula)
MadriZ MiniZ 2WD Stock, MiniZ GT Modified

This application is a creation of the mini-z specialists

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MiniZ World Cup 2011

Incriptions for the regional races for this competition are still open. All clubs wishing to participate in this event must send  an email to: indicating:

– Sign (optional)

-Start date

-Finish date

-Opening date for inscriptions

-Competition location: Province, town/city, country, street

-Starting time

-Race categories

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Mini-Z Race in Toulouse…are you gonna be there?

We now have all the information needed about the race to be hled in Toulouse. Basically there will be three categories with which we´ll be able to really give those from Southern France a run for their money!

1. MiniZ Super Stock:
Kyosho MR01, MR015, MR02, MR03, AWD Chassis
Battery power: 4  NiHm and NiCD elements
Rear rim width of 11mm
New or old stock atomiRubber tires

Use of additives on tires not allowed.
All other options are permitted.

2. Open:
Tires: Open

Motor: Open
Authorised options.

3. Short Cup:
86 and 90mm bodies only with  N+0 and s+0 offer

Authorised car bodies:
Lancia Stratos
Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R
Lancia Delta
Audi TT Coupe
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI
Ferrari 246GT Dino
Toyota Trueno AE86
Subaru WRX
Ferarri 250 GTO
Alfa Brera
Nissan Silvia
VW Beetle
Toyota Vitz RS
Mini Cooper
Honda Fit

For those who wish to participate and share with us a weekend of MiniZ racing to the max , sign up to this chat room:

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