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MiniZ Moto Racer – Powaaaaaa!!!


We read that Kyosho will lauch in March 2012 a new product related with MiniZ, this time is a MinIZ Moto Racer …
This product will be launch in 5 steps:
Step 1: the last day of this year (12/31/2011)
Step 2: 01/12/2012
Step 3:  01/14/2012
Step 4: 10-22/01/2012
Step 5: March del 2012

We this that this steps are the dates of next launch and the dates that we will have more informations.
We want remember that Nurenberg Toy fair is on feb.

More things:
LiPo Battery, from  8 to 10 min. duration
Arround 20 Km/h (this means on a real scale 360 Km/h),
Escale 1/18
3 Channels, 2.4Ghz
Their mesures are  110mm WB and 65mm de H.



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Brushless Motor Checker

brushless motor tester
brushless motor tester
brushless motor tester
brushless motor tester
brushless motor tester

This is a professional tool that all serious racers should have.  It’s inexpensive, easy to use, and provides useful data to gain the edge over your competition.

INTRODUCTION – The motor checker is a precision electronic device that is especially designed for measuring the KV value, RPM, current (amp) draw and sensor function of brushless motors, without the need of a speed control.  The 2X 16 character LCD display shows real-time measurements of both sensored and sensor-less brushless motors.  It runs on any 7.4v Li-Po battery pack, so no additional power suppy is required.


  1. BRUSHLESS MOTOR CHECKING (Both Sensored & Sensor-less)
  • KV Measurement (how many thousands of RPM a motor has per volt of input power) For example: A 4.5kv motor produces 4,500 RPM’s for every 1 volt of input power.  At 7.4 volts this motor would produce 33,300 RPM’s (4,500 x 7.4 = 33,300)
  • RPM Measurement (8 throttle increments)
  • Ampere Measurement (current draw by testing motor up to 18A)


  • Tests proper function of internal sensors (sensored motors only) – Very important if you are having problems with your motor.  This is the first thing to check when your motor isn’t working properly.


  • Fix voltage from 2.5V to 7.2V or 10 steps cycle with variable voltage setting from 2.5V to 7.2V.


  • INPUT VOLTAGE: 7.4 – 8.6V (Suggested to use a 7.4V 2S LiPo battery)
  • LCD DISPLAY SCREEN: blue backlight background, white text, 16 characters x 2 lines
  • DIMENSIONS: 136.5mm x 80.6mm x 47mm
  • WEIGHT: 290 grams
  • SUPPORTED MOTORS: Sensored or Sensor-less Brushless Motors (A) Standard 540 Size R/C Car Motor: 2.5 turn and over, 2 poles (B) Flight Motor: support sensor-less brushless motor, 6 poles (out-runner motor).  All with current draw less than 18 amps at 8.4V without loading.


  • Test Unit
  • Power Cord
  • Sensor Cable
  • A, B, C Motor Connector Leads
  • Detailed Instructions
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Results of MiniZ Endurance series 2009



Gen  Proto  GT’s  Team  Laps 
 1  1    ATOMIC  2907v 
 2  2    PN RACING  2895v
 3    1   NIPPON OLD TRACK  2802v
 4    2  MODEL VIGO  2744v
 5  3    RCPBM  2714v
 6    3  D.CARMEN – 1  2679v
 7    4  AUTO Z  2621v
 8    5  REFLEX RACING  2590v
 9  4    TRP FRANCE  2555v
 10    6  VELI Z  2422v
 11    7  TRP GERMANY  2401v
 12  5    TEAM BOMBA  2301v
 13    8  SAM’Z  2249v
 14    9  D.CARMEN – 2  2229v

Prize for the best PN RACING paint job.

Throughout the week we will be publishing photos in the image gallery.

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Timetables and Accommodation at the MiniZ Endurance Series


15:00 – Open track. Beginning of open training session. Only one car per team, one driver per team. Authorised car bodies and chasses only. 18:00 – Beginning of groups of timed training sessions20:00 – End of groups of timed training sessions.21:00 – Welcome dinner

08:00 – Team pick-up from hotel

09:00 – Presentation of participating teams.10:00 – Driver’s meeting.10:30 – Open track, warm-up training sessions11:00 – Start of the Mini-Z Endurance Series 

23:00 – End of race and prize-giving. Return to the hotel.



09:00 – Pick-up from hotel. Surprise visit relating to endurance races.
15:00 – End of visit, return to hotel.


LOCATION OF THE RACE As we explained previously, the two previous editions of the Mini-Z endurance series were held inside commercial centres. In addition to finding an unbeatable location and first class equipment for performing our hobby, we were able to bring the Mini-Z to a numerous group of spectators congregated in the commercial centre.  Therefore, in this next edition, the chosen location will be one of the main attractions of the race. The race will be held at the Parc Vallés, a recreational centre located in Terrassa; some 20km from the city of Barcelona.  Could you just imagine what the weekend will be like at the Parc Vallés? An exclusively recreational centre, full of restaurants, game rooms, discos and cinemas and free parking? I can tell you in advance that this race will be held in front of a large audience! Thanks to the close collaboration with the Parc Vallés, the participants of the race will benefit from interesting sales and discounts not to mention a wide offer of cuisine.  
Avenida Téxtil S/N  –  08223 Terrassa (Bcn)


The base hotel where all teams will meet, is very close to the recreational complex and thus all trips between the hotel and the track will not require the use of transport vehicles. 
There will be a reduced rate at the Hotel Terrassa Park *** for all participating teams, which is one of the facilities that the race organisers will offer the members of each team.  HOTEL TERRASSA PARK
Avenida Santa Eulalia, 236  –  08223 Terrassa (Bcn)


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New MiniZ Kit by Kyosho Cup ARR Edition

Kyosho surprises us once again with a complete chassis, modified to the max and ready for competing.
This new Kyosho item includes: 
* Black colour chassis with gold endings and black top. 
* MZW01; Mini-Z bearing set.
* MZW203: Steel stub axles MR-02.
* MZW206: Ball differential MR02 (red)
* MZW301:  Xspeed motor MiniZ V.
* MZW13R: MiniZ wheel nuts MiniZ (red)
* MZW205: Rear carbon plate MR02-MM
* MZW220: Friction shock absorber MR02 MM
* MZW37-30 : Diamond radial tire. 

Will be available in April.